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wilton manors real estate

Wilton Manors is the trendiest neighborhood in the Fort Lauderdale area. It is one of the best areas in South Florida for investment.

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Wilton Manors Real Estate

Wilton Manors has been described as the "poor man's South Beach". If you don't buy in now, you will have missed one of the last great real estate opportunities in South Florida

Wilton Manors Background

Wilton Manors was a ho-hum blue color neighborhood in the eastern part of Broward County. It consisted of single family homes and apartments. To be candid, it was nothing to write home about. But like many areas of Florida it was about to change.

You have to look at the location of this "Island City" to appreciate its potential. It bounded on the north and south by two forks of the Middle River. It is about 2 short miles to the beach and a few minutes ride or long walk to downtown Fort Lauderdale. Remember, Fort Lauderdale has already undergone redevelopment and is very expensive. You can work downtown and live in affordable housing nearby. This is now a very "nice" neighborhood and becoming progressively more upscale.

Wilton Manors is the kind of place where current residents will say a few years from now "Its a good thing I already own something here because I could never afford it now."

What Has Happened In Wilton Manors

Today, just about every apartment building is either newly converted or being converted. There were also a number of new condos built.

There are canals in Wilton Manors with direct ocean access. A small (2250 sq ft) home in Wilton Manors on an ocean access canal was for sale at $925,000. That should give you an idea of what type of area this has become.

The interesting thing about Wilton Manors is the community - it has one. If you live in South Florida it is entirely possible to live on a block with ten homes and not know one of your neighbors. Wilton Manors has a community spirit. People are friendly, say hello, eat in outdoor cafes and go to the beautiful parks by the riverfront.

Wilton Manors Investments

Wilton Manors apartments rent very fast. For our own rental units we never had to do more than put up a sign. We got a lot of calls and were able to pick and choose our tenant from the best financially qualified.

You can pick up an apartment for $80,000 and rent it out for $1,000 a month. You will end up with an approximate 8% net return. That is a net return after all expenses and taxes. Plus, there is most certainly appreciation. Even the most conservative and modest appreciation projections of 2% a year (about $1,600) will give you a net return of closer to 9.5%. Pardon me for putting it this way, but that is pretty damn good return on a very conservative investment.

Here is what you have going for you in this area:

Low cost units
Easy to rent and maintain
Newer conversions where the entire structure has been updated
In a proven location that is becoming more and more “upscale”.
Excellent appreciation potential
Very low number of rentals available in area (Over 25 rental inquiries in three weeks)
One mile from Downtown Fort Lauderdale and Beach

Wilton Manors Real Estate Experts

We personally own rental units in Wilton Manors. Plus, our Wilton Manors partner works in this area almost exclusively. If you have any interest in investing or buying a property in this area, you should give us a call.

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Wilton Manors Real Estate Listings

We cannot possibly display all of the homes and apartments for sale in Wilton Manors. But, we want to give you a general feeling for what is available in the area by picking a few representative homes and condos.

We do not show you one of a kind, once in a lifetime properties. These properties represent what we see on an ongoing basis.

Hot properties go fast. You need to assess the income potential and move quickly. This is not a sales trick. There are a lot of investors hunting for bargains and the great deals get picked up quickly.

Fortunately, we have been doing this a long time and will guide you through the process. We are also on top of everything that comes up for sale.