Florida Retirement Real Estate

Florida retirement real estate

Florida Retirement Properties

You may now be able to afford a waterfront, beachfront or golf course property. But, in a few years it may become unaffordable.

Take advantage of the low prices by buying now and renting your property until you are ready to retire. You can even rent it seasonally and use it part time.

If you have any thoughts about retiring to Florida, you need to consider what is happening right now. The price of real estate is at an all time low. Although, in certain areas it is starting to move upward.

The condo on the beach in a luxury building that used to sell for $750,000, is now selling for around $375,000. There are even beach facing apartments in Martin county for under $250,000.

We have low cost homes with private docks and homes in beautiful country club communities. They are, for a lack of a better description, cheap. Cheaper than they have been in more than a decade and they are unbelievable bargains.

Can I buy a property, rent it out and have it pay for itself?

Yes, that is what we do. We are all about cash flow positive properties. You have a few different scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Buy, rent out and sell when you are ready to retire.

You are generating an excellent cash flow and participating in the appreciation of the property.

Scenario 2 - Buy, rent out and move in when you are ready to retire.

In this instance, you are buying a property that you want to live in when you retire. You may not make the same return as you would a property specifically selected for rental. But, you will be locking in a property at today's prices. In a few years you can always sell at a profit if you change your mind.

Scenario 3 - Buy, rent out seasonally and use it part of the year until you are ready to retire.

When you rent seasonally you do not always cover your costs. But, it can make ownership very inexpensive and give you and your family a vacation home for a good part of the year. If you are willing to rent out during the "high" season, we have come across a few homes and condos that literally pay for themselves.

Do I have to come to Florida to view properties?

You have to realize that when we get a home or condo that is extremely well priced, it will be sold fast. If you are not local or in driving distance, there is precious little time to get on a plane, view the property, think about what you want to do and then make an offer.

What you can do is look at properties that are available to get a feeling for what you want. We can act as your local agent and keep our eye open for a similar property.

That does not mean you cannot come down, find a great deal and make an offer during a single trip.

I suggest you call us to discuss your specific requirements.