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Coral Springs and Neighboring Parkland have the best schools in the state. This is a family area where homes are always in demand.

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Coral Springs Real Estate

Wilton Manors has been described as the "poor man's South Beach". If you don't buy in now, you will have missed one of the last great real estate opportunities in South Florida

Coral Springs and Parkland have one the best school system in the state of Florida. These are family oriented communities with an abundance of parks and recreational activities. Home prices are rock bottom and, believe it or not, going up. Fantastic investment potential.

We have lived in Coral Springs for more than 20 years and know every neighborhood and sub-division, which are the best schools, what sections are going up in value the fastest, etc., we are in a unique position to help you find the perfect home for your family.

Coral Springs and Parkland are known for their superior schools. Even in this market, houses do not stay on the market for a very long time. They are at bargain prices and have been moving very fast.

It seems that it is not particularly difficult to rent out a home or a larger condo apartment in these neighborhoods. Lots of people have lost their homes but still want their children to go to the same schools. To do so, they must find a rental in their old neighborhoods.

Cites within the Cities

Coral Springs and Parkland are made up of separate developments. It is more likely that someone will tell you what development they live in rather than the city. Upon hearing it you will know the price range of their home, what schools their kids go to and which Publix supermarket they go to.

Obviously, when you have children, the schools are very important to you. While boundary lines do change from time to time, you want someone who can direct you to the best elementary, middle or high school. Some schools are better than others for children with special needs.

There are many different factors that will go into your decision to purchase a home. We go a bit beyond other realtors in this respect. Anyone can rattle off the school statistics. Not everyone has actually taught in the local schools as we have.

Convenient to Work

Coral Springs and Parkland have access to the major highways and it is a reasonable commute to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach.

Housing Prices

I could fill this site up with the latest listings but by the time you called me, many would probably be off the market. There are different neighborhoods within the Coral Springs and Parkland area and the prices vary greatly.

Since this site is about investing in real estate, the important thing to realize is that you can buy a home or condo in this area, rent it out and get an excellent return on your investment.

If you are looking to move to this area and you are patient, I will work with you to find an exceptional home that will fit your budget. Plus, you will end up paying what residents who purchased their homes ten years ago paid.


I have lived in Coral Springs for a long time and intend to stay put. If I knew of a place with the schools, parks, restaurants and convenience of this area I might move. So far, I have not found any. If you have kids and schools are important, Coral Springs or Parkland are unbeatable.

Call me and I will personally assist you in finding a home or give you information on these great towns.

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Coral Springs Real Estate Listings

We cannot possibly display all of the homes and apartments for sale in Coral Springs. But, we want to give you a general feeling for what is available in the area by picking a few representative homes and condos.

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