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Cape Coral offers extreme bargains in residential real estate. Condos, waterfront homes and golf club communities are just plain "dirt cheap". The savvy investor can acquire beautiful properties at a fraction of their cost.

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Cape Coral Florida Real Estate

Cape Coral real estate is one of the best bargains in Florida. It is unfortunate that it has the second highest foreclosure numbers in the country. But, the misfortune of others creates an unprecidented opportunity for you. It is a great city to live in and its proximity to the Gulf make it ideal for boaters and fisherman.

There was a tremendous amount of specualtion in Cape Coral Florida and a lot of people purchased real estate at the very top of the market with little or no money down. They gambled and lost. There is nothing we can do about this tragedy other than learn from it and take advantage of the opportunities it has created for us. Remember, we are not gamblers or speculators, we are investors.

Where to Invest in Southwest Florida

Lee county has beautiful white sand beaches, neat suburbs, golf courses, art communities and a thriving business environment.

With cities like Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Lee is the 89th fastest growing county in the United States. With exceptionally affordable real estate prices, it is the best of everything Florida has to offer at prices that make it very attractive for real estate investment.

Southwest Florida offers you a variety of real estate investment opportunities:

  • Incoming Producing Properties - there are both single family homes as well as condos that can be purchased cheap enough to give you the cash flow you are looking for. Plus, you will get reasonable appreciation in addition to income.

  • Seasonal Rental Income - Purchase your beachfront retirement home now and rent it out all or part of the year.

  • Personal Residence - homes that sold new at $300,000 three years ago, sell for less than $80,000. These are nice homes in good neighborhoods. If you were ever thinking about relocating to Florida, you will not find better bargains.

Now is the time for Southwest Florida investment.

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Cape Coral Real Estate Listings

We cannot possibly display all of the homes for sale in Cape Coral or Southwest Florida. There are literally thousands of them. But, we want to give you a general feeling for what is available in the area by picking a few representative homes and condos.

We do not show you one of a kind, once in a lifetime properties. These properties represent what we see on an ongoing basis.

Hot properties go fast. You need to assess the income potential and move quickly. This is not a sales trick. There are a lot of investors hunting for bargains and the great deals get picked up quickly.

Fortunately, we have been doing this a long time and will guide you through the process. We are also on top of everything that comes up for sale.